Friday, December 30, 2011

It is almost a new year and I have not blogged since 2010. There is a reason. The reason is a masters and a practicm - also known as an unpaid internship. The great news is I now have a Masters of Arts in Counseling. This is absolutely amazing to me given I barely graduated from high school and college. 2.0 and go was my motto back then. Now that I am all grown up (code for old) I graduated with a 3.7 in my Masters work. No one is more surprised than me at this event. I still don't consider myself an academic sort of person. So how did this happen? It could be: A) I bought one of those phony degrees online, B) I paid someone to go to school for me, C) I never allowed myself to actual realize I was going to school for a Masters, or D) I staged and faked the whole thing, pictures and diploma. Well, I must admit the online phony degree would have saved me a bunch of money, I don't think I have enough money to pay someone to go to school for me, and I have no skills in fake id's, not to mention diploma's or how to work any picture faking sort of thing. That leaves answer C. I never once allowed myself to realize what I was doing, because I would have never been able to convince myself I could possibly doing anything academic. I laughed when I got the diploma. My first thought was "does this school realize they sent me this?" You may say I lack self confidence, but I am the one with the Masters of Arts in Counseling, 1000 hours of unpaid internship, and a license from the state of Florida recognizing me as a registered mental health counselor intern. So, that makes two pretty big institutions who think I have some sort of self confidence and academic skills. Ha. It is doesn't matter what I think or if I have the self confidence to do anything, too late now to analyze it, I've done gone got myself a diploma and a license to counsel people in the state of Florida.