Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Merry Christmas. Yep, I said it. The first time I said it this year I fell apart.

2009 began what I thought would be the darkest year of my life. God promised joy in the midst of sorrow. I could not imagine how. In November I was miraculously chosen by the Ministry of Tourism of Israel to go as a guest on a Christian writers trip to Israel! The trip was beyond amazing. I felt unbelievably blessed. Israel was a respite from the pain. I came back filled with hope, but dreading Christmas. God has now fulfilled his promise of joy in the midst of sorrow. Her name is Penelope Drew Lipscomb, born 9 months to the day of David's birthday (12/21/09). Her mommy, Amanda and daddy, DJ found out they were pregnant a few months after her grandfather David passed away. Suddenly what I imagined would be the most horrible Christmas has become full of nothing but incredible, indefinable, insatiable, JOY! Each time I look at Amanda holding Penelope and DJ grinning at her side I exploded with joy and the pain of all my grief just disappears. I should have guessed God would use a baby to to bring joy to my world. It is not a new thing. 2000 years ago God delivered a baby to spread joy for all eternity.
Nothing is every truly lost, or hopeless, or dark. God can redeem everything and shine light even the darkest places.

I think I am finally ready to start sharing some of the off the chart God stories that I have experienced over the last 2 1/2 years. I am going to take it slow and I am not going in any order other than whatever is on my heart. It may get corny, it may not mean a thing, or it might mean something to someone. I have been on something way beyond the roller coaster ride of life. I would have loved to gotten off a few thousand times, but I didn't get that option. At the moment I am having too much fun to get off. Surprised? You obviously have not seen my new granddaughter!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Not ready for this.

I actually created this blog several months ago and then decided not to put it up. Well long story short it is going up now. Count Down to Heaven is a phrase God laid on my heart at that time. The phrase applied not only to David but to all of us. The day we are born begins a Count Down to Heaven whether we live or acknowledge it or not. What if we lived everyday with the knowledge that we are on a Count Down to Heaven? OK right there, that is why I am a blog skeptic. Phrases like that are so trite, too much to live up to, but there it is anyway. So, what was it like to be a part of David's count down to heaven? Pause, Pause, Pause...... I don't think I am ready to write about it all yet, but I know there are some amazing stories I want to share eventually - thus the blog.
For now just wanted to let friends know I am surviving.