Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Not ready for this.

I actually created this blog several months ago and then decided not to put it up. Well long story short it is going up now. Count Down to Heaven is a phrase God laid on my heart at that time. The phrase applied not only to David but to all of us. The day we are born begins a Count Down to Heaven whether we live or acknowledge it or not. What if we lived everyday with the knowledge that we are on a Count Down to Heaven? OK right there, that is why I am a blog skeptic. Phrases like that are so trite, too much to live up to, but there it is anyway. So, what was it like to be a part of David's count down to heaven? Pause, Pause, Pause...... I don't think I am ready to write about it all yet, but I know there are some amazing stories I want to share eventually - thus the blog.
For now just wanted to let friends know I am surviving.

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