Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Merry Christmas. Yep, I said it. The first time I said it this year I fell apart.

2009 began what I thought would be the darkest year of my life. God promised joy in the midst of sorrow. I could not imagine how. In November I was miraculously chosen by the Ministry of Tourism of Israel to go as a guest on a Christian writers trip to Israel! The trip was beyond amazing. I felt unbelievably blessed. Israel was a respite from the pain. I came back filled with hope, but dreading Christmas. God has now fulfilled his promise of joy in the midst of sorrow. Her name is Penelope Drew Lipscomb, born 9 months to the day of David's birthday (12/21/09). Her mommy, Amanda and daddy, DJ found out they were pregnant a few months after her grandfather David passed away. Suddenly what I imagined would be the most horrible Christmas has become full of nothing but incredible, indefinable, insatiable, JOY! Each time I look at Amanda holding Penelope and DJ grinning at her side I exploded with joy and the pain of all my grief just disappears. I should have guessed God would use a baby to to bring joy to my world. It is not a new thing. 2000 years ago God delivered a baby to spread joy for all eternity.
Nothing is every truly lost, or hopeless, or dark. God can redeem everything and shine light even the darkest places.

I think I am finally ready to start sharing some of the off the chart God stories that I have experienced over the last 2 1/2 years. I am going to take it slow and I am not going in any order other than whatever is on my heart. It may get corny, it may not mean a thing, or it might mean something to someone. I have been on something way beyond the roller coaster ride of life. I would have loved to gotten off a few thousand times, but I didn't get that option. At the moment I am having too much fun to get off. Surprised? You obviously have not seen my new granddaughter!


  1. Robi

    Wow that is some exiting news, grand ma or nana or what ever your title will be. Tell DJ and wife congrats and enjoy every single minute because as you know in a bllink of an eye they will be driving cars and making you crazy!

  2. This is such great news Robi! Congratulations!!